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2023 Legislative Information

Agency Information

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Title 37 Reform

(4) Bill Proposals

HB 152 – Title 37 Reform

Pursuant to Executive Order 1-2021 “Red Tape Reform” the Department of Labor & Industry, Employment Standards Division proposes the following legislation affecting Montana professional and occupational licensing to address “excessive, outdated, unnecessary, or burdensome” regulations.

HB 137 – Board of Behavioral Health Chapter Consolidation

The bill brings all of the Board of Behavioral Health’s requirements and definitions for their covered occupations under one chapter of code.

HB 115 - Licensing Enforcement

The bill standardizes cease and desist, injunctive, and criminal actions across all boards and programs.

HB 87 – Consistency in Appointments, Qualifications, and Terms for All Boards and Board Members

This legislation standardizes appointment procedures, terms, and qualifications for every board member across all boards and places these requirements and processes into one chapter of code.

Title 37 Reform Stakeholder Outreach Report An overview of DLI customer and stakeholder outreach and engagement on licensure reform over the last several months.

Title 37 of Montana statute covers professional, occupational, and healthcare licensing.

Other Agency Bills

(4) Bill Proposals

HB 142 – UI Theft and Administrative Penalties

The bill makes clear that the theft of unemployment benefits is a specific type of theft under criminal law and clarifies the potential charges and penalties faced by those suspected of UI theft.

HB 67 – Real Estate Appraisers Funds

The bill removes the termination date for registry fees for real estate appraisers – and replaces it with an immediate effective date.

SB 53 – Weights and Measures

The bill balances the Building Code Inspection account and Weights & Measures account through a one-time transfer of $2.3 million from the Inspection account which has a surplus to Weights & Measures for replacing outdated equipment.

HB 41 - Incumbent Worker Training Program Updates

HB41 would increase the per-worker grant amount from $2,000 to $3,000 and expand the program to Montana employers of all sizes with the intent of fully exhausting allocated funds.