MT TechHire Grant Initiative Conference Call Notes

Dear Prospective MTDLI TechHire Initiative Grant Applicants,

Please see the important updates below in follow-up to yesterday’s conference call for the MT TechHire Grant Initiative:

  • Please send us your questions: We understand that the poor sound quality on the conference call prevented many participants from hearing what was being asked and the responses being provided. Individuals or groups who still have questions are encouraged to contact us via e-mail and we will do our best to assist you.
  • Please help us confirm who is working on proposals for this grant: We need your help to compile a directory of teams who are currently working on proposals for this grant - and other interested parties - to use as a master distribution list for future announcements and updates on this effort, to help connect parties who may be able to collaborate together, and to provide improved outreach and support from MTDLI.
    • If you are currently working with a “Community Partnership Team” (CPT) on a proposal for this grant, please send your CPT contact information, including your respective community location, organizations & individual names of the members of your team, e-mails, and phone numbers to by Friday, January 15th.
    • If you are not already part of a “Community Partnership Team”, but are interested in developing or joining a CPT, please send your contact information, including your community location, organization, name, e-mail, and phone number to by Friday, January 15th.
    • NOTE: After January 15th, all future announcements and updates will ONLY be distributed to those who have provided their contact information in response to this request.

Please make sure you have all of the important reference materials to support your proposal development: The following reference materials have been distributed in previous announcements to support CPT’s with proposal development. If you do not currently have all of these reference materials below, please contact us at and we can send them to you.

  • 2-page - Montana TechHire Initiative - Request for Proposals (RFP) for TechHire Workforce Development Pilot Projects
  • 71-page - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Funding Opportunity Announcement for Grant Applications for H-1B TechHire Partnership Grants
  • An Excel Spreadsheet of MT H1B Occupations - H1b STEM Indicators and Projections and accompanying Memo on spreadsheet and H1B grant round 2

IMPORTANT: Please NOTE the following modifications to the original MTDLI RFP Guidelines:

  • The page limit for the “Project Narrative” has been increased from 5 pages to 10 pages to enable CPT’s to more completely respond to each of the 6 sections as specified on pages 29-37 of the USDOL FOA.
  • Please make sure that your submissions also include the following which are NOT counted toward the 10 page limit on the “Project Narrative”
    • A Project Budget - requesting funding of $600,000 to $1,000,000 - following the budget specifications as outlined on pages 28-29
    • The “Requested Attachments” as specified on pages 39-40.
    • A proposed “Project Outcomes Measures” Table following the suggested format provided on page 68.
    • A proposed “Project Work Plan” following the suggested format provided on page 69.

We sincerely hope that these additional updates are helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide you with any additional assistance in this regard.

Best wishes,

Dr. Kirk Lacy, Dept. of Labor & Industry and Montana University System, 406-850-1405,
Annie Glover, Dept. of Labor & Industry, 406-444-1654,
Siri Smillie, Governor’s Education Policy Advisor, 406-444-3188,
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