Assistance for Business Clinics

Once again the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, Department of Revenue, Montana State Auditor Office, Montana Healthcare Network & Montana Primary Care Association in partnership with local Chamber of Commerce, Job Service Employee Committees (JSEC), and Montana State University are hosting the Assistance for Business Clinics statewide.

This hands-on clinic is specially designed to assist New & Established employers, accountants, bookkeepers, human resource professionals & lawyers by providing a broader understanding and/or steps to implement the latest changes to various law, rules and regulations. Attendees will also receive reference materials including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Apprenticeship & Training
  • Independent Contractor Registration
  • Emergency Planning Guides
  • Employer Services
  • Employer Posters
  • Federal Tax Incentives
  • Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Tip Reporting

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Department of Labor & Industry Labor Standards Bureau

The Wage and Hour Unit of the Department of Labor enforces payment of wages, minimum wage, overtime, improper withholdings, vacation, commission, prevailing wage and various other methods of compensation. This presentation serves to provide assistance and clarification regarding some complex interpretations between state and federal law, enforcement authority, investigation processes and general assistance to employees and employers alike.

Department of Labor & Industry Unemployment Insurance Contributions Bureau

In addition to learning about subject wages and reporting requirements, this year Unemployment Insurance Contributions Bureau is introducing our brand new web services – Employers will learn how to e-file quarterly reports and payments, view benefit charges and other correspondence, and send and receive messages from the Unemployment Insurance Contributions Bureau.

Payroll preparers from accounting firms and bookkeeping services are also highly encouraged to attend as we will be explaining the new processes for enrolling clients, demonstrating how to file returns individually or by utilizing bulk services. We will also explain how to upload payroll exported to Excel, amend returns, and more. The Montana Unemployment Insurance program has also worked with Intuit to provide QuickBooks users a more efficient way to e-file UI reports and pay the tax due. There are many new and improved services available on our new UI eServices for Employers web portal and we are excited to introduce it to the public!

Department of Labor & Industry Claims Processing Bureau

Provides an overview of the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Program. Participants will learn about the program from an employer perspective. Employers play an intricate part in the integrity of the UI program by providing complete, accurate and timely information when requested. This ensures proper benefit payments to claimants and proper charging of employer accounts. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the types of information needed by the Department to properly administer the program.

The Bureau also touches on the types of UI claims, their rights and requirements as of an employer when claims are filed, separations from employment (what steps to take when an individual quits or is discharged) and other issues that affect claimant eligibility for benefits. The Division’s efforts to detect, prevent and reduce fraud in the Unemployment Insurance Program are also covered during the presentation.

Department of Labor & Industry’s Workers’ Compensation Bureau

In this presentation the presenter will review the basis of the Montana Workers’ Compensation System. After this basic review, participants will be guided through a series of questions and answers that respond to common concerns employers bring to the Department of Labor and Industry. Also, the presenter will be available to answer participant’s questions about the Department’s activities to reduce costs within Montana’s Workers’ Compensation System.

Department of Labor & Industry Safety & Health Bureau

Profiting From Safety. - Montana workers’ compensation costs are among some of the nation’s highest, but millions can be saved if more businesses improved their safety. This class shows specific steps businesses can take to reduce work comp costs by reducing workplace injuries, improving productivity and growing the bottom line.

Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue will provide a broad overview of the taxes administered by the department. The focus of the presentation will center on E-File applications that will aid the business in their filing requirements.

Montana State Auditor Commissioner of Securities and Insurance

Insurance Commissioner Lindeen’s representative will cover what her office’s role is in implementing Obamacare, and Obamacare overview, an overview of the Marketplace, tips on buying insurance, explanation of the Medicaid Gap, explanation of Medicare and Obamacare, and Obamacare Fraud Awareness. Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance regulates insurance and securities industries and promotes a level playing field with in the industries, and protects and educates consumers.

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Assistance for Business Clinics

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