Collaborations Lead to Expanded Competency Based Education Opportunities

Montana University System and Department of Labor & Industry Partner to Train Workforce

Helena - The Montana University System (MUS) and the Montana Department of Labor & Industry (DLI) have recently launched a new initiative that will increase the number of Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) Training Facilitators representing the state’s two-year and community colleges. The facilitators, known as “The MT DACUM Dozen” will conduct workshops throughout the state to develop industry driven and competency based curriculum to better serve Montana’s current and emerging workforce development needs.

DACUM is a proven occupational and job profile analysis process used by colleges and universities throughout the country for over 40 years. The analysis process was created to ensure post-secondary institutions are providing up-to-date training aligned with the needs of business and industry.

“The work we’re doing with the Montana University System is innovative and showing results for our state’s workforce,” said Labor & Industry Commissioner, Pam Bucy. “We are facing a workforce shortage over the next decade and making sure our two-year and community colleges are providing current instruction will be critical so our labor force have the skills they need to succeed.”

Led by a trained facilitator, expert workers in an occupation come together during two-day workshops to provide input on the specific tasks, knowledge, and skills required for their professions. During the workshop, the expert workers develop a DACUM pathways for their college, which includes:

• Identifying instructional needs
• Planning and instructional program
• Designing and developing a new curriculum, or reviewing and revising a current curriculum
• Designing and developing instructional materials
• Creating job performance standards

The twelve new facilitators were nominated by their respective two-year college administrators and are located in institutions throughout Montana. They recently returned from the Montana DACUM Facilitator Training Institute held in Missoula. This training was led by the International DACUM Training Center at Ohio State University.

“This is one example of the many ways the Department of Labor & Industry and Montana University System are working together,” said Director of Industry Driven Workforce Development Partnerships, Kirk Lacy. “These types of collaborations are serving our state’s current and emerging workforce development needs.”

“These facilitators will be working closely with our two-year and community colleges across Montana to make sure students are receiving the most current curriculums available,” said Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education, John Cech. “We’re excited to see the results these new curriculums will bring to the communities and regions which are served by Montana’s two-year and community colleges.”

Below is the list of the “MT DACUM Dozen” and their respective two-year colleges.

For more information about the “MT DACUM Dozen” please call Dr. Kirk Lacy at (406) 850-1405 or email at or visit our website at