Organizational Chart

​​​​Commissioner Pam Bucy

Commissioner's Office

Commissioner - Pam Bucy

Administratively Attached

Workers' Compensation Court

Judge - Hon. David M. Sandler

(406) 444-7794 Website

Office of Community Service

Dan Ritter - Director

(406) 444-2573 Website

Commisioner's Office

Acting Deputy Commissioner

Mike Cooney

(406) 444-1785

Office of Legal Services

Chief Legal Counsel

Judy Bovington

(406) 444-3255

Director of Communications

Public Information Officer

Annie Glover (email Annie)

(406) 444-1654

Office of Information Technology

George Parisot

(406) ​444-4658

Kim Warren

(406) 444-9721

State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB) Website

State Board Director

Pam Watson​

(406) 444-1609

Office of Human Resources

Rende Mackay

(406) 444-4534

Business Standards Division

Acting Administrator - Adam de Yong

(406) 841-2243 Website

Building Codes Bureau

David Cook

(406) 841-2053 Website

Weights and Measures Bureau

Tim Lloyd

(406) 841-2058 Website


Jeannie Worsech

(406) 841-2302 Website

Board Management

Maggie Connor

(406) 841-2303 Website

Operations Bureau

Galen Hollenbaugh

(406) 841-2046


Centralized Services Division

Administrator - Kim Moog

(406) 444-5628 Website

Fiscal Support Bureau

Natalie Smitham

(406) 444-9584 Website

Office of Administrative Hearings​

David Scrimm

(406) 444-4662 Website

Employment Relations Division

Administrator - Diana Ferriter

(406) 444-1574 Website

Human Rights Bureau

Marieke Beck

(406) 444-4356 Website

Labor Standards Bureau

Pam McDaniel

(406) 444-4663 Website



Safety and Health Bureau

Bryan Page

(406) 444-1605 Website

Workers' Comp Claims Assistance Bureau

Bill Wheeler

(406) 444-6541 Website

Workers' Comp Regulations Bureau

Peter Van Nice

(406) 444-0566 Website

Unemployment Insurance Division

Administrator - Brenda Nordlund

(406) 444-2749 Website

UI Claims Processing Bureau

Shirley Rush

(406) 444-0888

UI Contributions Bureau

Sandy Bay

(406) 444-3302 Website

UI Program Support Bureau

Robert Allen

(406) 444-4371

Workforce Services Division

Administrator - Mike Cooney

(406) 444-2648 Website

Job Service Operations Bureau

Tiffany David

(406) 444-2416

Research & Analysis Bureau

Todd Younkin

(406) 444-2430 Website

Statewide Workforce Programs and Oversight Bureau

Gary Wright

(406) 444-5604

Administratively Attached Boards, Programs & Commissions

Human Rights Commission Board of Labor Appeals Board of Personnel Appeals
Board of Alternative Health Care Board of Architects and Landscape Architects Athletics Program
Board of Athletic Trainers Montana Boiler Operator Program Board of Chiropractors
Board of Clinical Laboratory Science Practitioners Montana Construction Blasters Program Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists
Montana Crane/Hoisting Operator Program Board of Dentistry Electrical Board
Montana Elevator Contractors, Mechanics, and Inspectors Licensing Program Montana Fire Prevention Licensure Program Board of Funeral Service
Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers Board of Licensed Addiction Counselors Board of Massage Therapy
Board of Medical Examiners Board of Nursing Board of Nursing Home Administrators
Board of Occupational Therapists Board of Optometry Board of Outfitters
Pharmacy Board Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Board of Plumbers
Private Alternative Adolescent Residential or Outdoor Programs Board of Private Security & Investigations Board Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
Board of Psychologists Board of Public Accountants Board of Radiologic Technologists
Board of Real Estate Appraisers Board of Realty Regulation Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners
Board of Sanitarians Board of Social Workers & Professional Counselors Board of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Board of Veterinary Medicine

Agency Authority and Descriptions

For General Information on the Department of Labor call (406) 444-2840 or

write to P.O. Box 1728 Helena MT 59624-1728 or email

Last Modified: Thursday, September 11, 2014
Monday, May 5, 2014
DLI Organizational Chart
For General Information on the Department of Labor call (406)444-2840 or write to P.O. Box 1728 Helena MT 59624-1728 or email

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